Practice Education Update (Previously Mentor Update)

The NMC requires all qualified mentors to maintain and develop their knowledge, skills and competence as a mentor through regular updating. The NMC requires placement providers to maintain a record of current mentors and, in partnership with local education providers, to make provisions for the annual updating of these nurses and midwives where appropriate. The purpose of annual updating is to ensure that mentors:
  1. Have current knowledge of NMC approved programmes.
  2. Are able to discuss the implications of changes to NMC requirements.
  3. Have an opportunity to discuss issues related to mentoring, assessment of competence and fitness for safe and effective practice.

Mentors should be prepared to demonstrate to their employers, and NMC quality assurance agents as appropriate, how they have maintained and developed their knowledge, skills and competence as a mentor. Placement providers will consider evidence of updating as part of triennial review.
(Standards to support learning and assessment in practice, NMC 2008)

Options for validating evidence that contributes towards your annual update (NMC 2008):

The above options, together with additional resources, can contribute to your mentor portfolio of evidence for annual update and triennial review.

Face to face updating activities

All mentors must undertake some face to face activity as part of their annual update. The face to face element may be just one aspect of a series of activities which comprise the annual update. These activities might vary year on year, although the requirement for inclusion of a face to face activity is consistent requirement. This face to face activity must provide a group of mentors the opportunity to discuss challenging assessment and supervision issues. How the face to face element is organised can be determined locally and may involve an informal meeting between three or more mentors or practice teachers within the practice learning environment. All aspects which make up an annual update must be recorded so that there is evidence of them having taken place to support triennial review.

(FAQs for Standards to support learning and assessment in practice, NMC 2011)