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Year 4 & Year 5 training updates

We require all Year 4 & 5 tutors need to watch a short (8 minute) video or read a PowerPoint presentation in 1MedLearn to inform yourself of these.  Once you have watched the video or read the PowerPoint presentation, please complete the short form to complete your training. We know you're busy so this should only take 10 minutes max. for each year group to complete. 

If you have not yet applied for access to 1Med then please follow this link to apply for this. (N.B. this can take 1 or 2 days to get set up.)

If you have applied but cannot remember your password please email  FAO Stephen Quinlan or telephone him on 0161 275 1335.

To watch the Year 4 update video page in 1MedLearn

Log in to:

Select the Learning option from the purple header bar then: Staff > Clinical Placement Supervisors > Year 4 Clinical Supervisor and Tutor Resources > Year 4 GP Placement Guidance for GPs

To watch the Year 5 update video page in 1MedLearn

Log in to:

Select the Learning option from the purple header bar then: Staff > Clinical Placement Supervisors > Year 5 Clinical Supervisor and Tutor Resources > Year 5 Clinical Placement Supervisor training


PRIMEGP Core - (Parts 1 and 2)

This course is designed for all GP Tutors and Nurses who teach medical students. Currently we require at least 1 GP tutor at your practice to have attended, but ideally all GP tutors who work directly with our students should attend this course.  It consists of 2 x 3hr sessions.  

Core Part 1 covers:

  • The Manchester medical programme
  • Developing a good learning environment
  • Enquiry Based Learning

Core Part 2 covers:

  • Assessing students in theory and practice
  • How to give effective feedback

It also contains hints and tips to help tutors deliver successful placements for our students and the opportunity to discuss teaching with other tutors. Sessions have consistently received good feedback from attendees. (N.B. If you are a Post-graduate trainer then you are only required to attend Part 1.)

PRIME Network & Advanced


PRIME Network is for more experienced tutors to revise and update their teaching skills. It will be run on a "hot topics" basis where the group of tutors can tell the facilitator what they want to know, and where they can share tips on what works well. There will also be a short presentation on how to improve your feedback by giving the students what they need.


Although they don’t realise it, students are involved in ethical discussions almost every time they see a patient in GP.  They have to pass the Situational Judgement Test in order to become an FY1 doctor and many of the questions in the test involve ethics. The curriculum already has sessions devoted to teaching ethics, but what can you teach in GP?



This session has been developed to introduce practice managers and allied healthcare professionals to the Manchester course and reflect on how you can add to the student experience while they are with you.  The Team session lasts 3 hours.

All the training above counts towards the 6hrs (total for the practice) yearly training requirement that is written into your tutor contract and it can be used for your GP appraisal.

(N.B. We do not charge you, or your staff to attend these courses.)


We also provide PRIMEGPST training as part of the Vocational Training Scheme for Post-graduate trainees and support registrars teaching undergraduates, as long as the GP tutor is the overall supervisor and does the end of placement assessment.


Prime: Professionals in Medical Education

If you are interested in developing your teaching further we have a number of different roles & courses on offer that you might be interested in. To find out more please go to the PRiME webpages:


"As a Practice Manager, support and training from the University has been excellent."