Year 5 - Preparation for practice

Semester 1

Students:                 1 per tutor for 2 consecutive days a week over 8 weeks. (Mon-Tue, Tue-Wed or Thur-Fri.) 


2019-20                    Block 1&2 Tue 27th Aug - Fri 19th Oct 2019

                                 Block 3&4 Mon 22nd Oct - Fri 13th Dec 2019


Payment:                 £2201.60 per student*


Your role as a final year tutor is extremely important in supporting students to pass their exams in January and prepare for practice as an F1.

All Year 5 students complete the 8 week GP/Acutely Ill placement in Semester 1. 2 days a week will be in GP (see above) and 2 days will be spent in an Acutely Ill block e.g MAU, the remaining day will be spent in University arranged teaching.

You will need to support their learning needs by arranging a minimum of 3 clinics with a mix of acute and chronic presentations. Students should lead on these consultations (seeing 3-4 patients per sessions) to allow them to practice their history and examination skills (patient assessments). They should present differential diagnoses, and create management plans for all the patients they see. Students should also populate (but not sign) prescriptions, arrange investigations (and review them), draft referral letters and refer patients in (under supervision).

1 flexible clinical session could include opportunities to have skills and necessary assessments signed off on their iPads e.g minor surgery, flu clinics, baby clinics, chronic disease reviews, telephone triage etc.

Time in between clinics should also be spent attending home visits (all patients reviewed), reviewing hospital correspondence, particularly discharge summaries. They should do prescription reviews, considering interactions and necessary monitoring. Students benefit from reviewing abnormal pathology results (which is what F1s have fed back that they wished they did more of) and radiology reports. Your feedback during this time is crucial.

N.B. You must arrange for a named deputy to be in place for each student placements so that the deputy can sign off students if you are absent.


Semester 2


2019-20                Block 5: Mon 3rd Feb - Fri 28th Feb 2020

                             Block 6: Mon 2nd Mar - Fri 27th Mar 2020

                             Block 7: Mon 30th Mar - Fri 24th Apr 2020

                             Block 8: Mon 27th Apr - Fri 22 May 2020


Payment (per block):        Population Health £2752  / QEPEP £1088  / SSCP £2176 (all per student*)

(*2019-20 rates subject to confirmation from HEE)


There are 4 sets of 4 week blocks in semester 2. The Student Assistantship is a hospital only placement to prepare students for F1.

All students will complete a Population Health block which can be done in the community. Students will be allocated to this block (it is not student selected).

There are 2 student selected blocks which can be done in GP, these include the QEPEP or the SSCP - N.B. You may offer these two placements but they may not be selected by any students.


Student quotes:

"Excellent supervisor who is really keen to both teach and allow me to see patients and practice my skills. I got to do pre-arranged home visits as well. The staff are really friendly and the environment is good. Lots of opportunities to practice history taking, clinical examination and skills."

"Felt welcomed in the surgery, supervisor helpful in setting tasks that enabled me to learn and gain experience in GP related tasks- having own surgeries, medication reviews etc."

"Really well organised, lovely staff, lots of opportunity to consult independently and then receive feedback immediately from supervisors which was really helpful"


Practice Manager quote:

"As a Practice Manager, support and training from the University has been excellent. After discussions regarding the competencies of Year 5 students with the University, medical students were trained in completing High Risk Reviews, NHS Health Checks and even supported the Practice with Flu Clinics. We identified patients with complex comorbidities for students to develop their consultation and history-taking skills, and then students were given their own clinics with support from the Lead GP." - Practice Manager , Bury CCG


If you have any queries, please contact your relevant administrator:

MFT - Oxford Road           Undergraduate Office (Lisa Williams)       

MFT - Wythenshawe         Undergraduate Office  (Catrina Quainoo)  

Royal Preston Hosp          Undergraduate Office (Louise Crossley)   

Salford Royal FT              CBME office (Alison Richard)                    


the CBME lecturer responsible for your CCG: .


We hope you find this information useful. For additional help and advice please contact:

Grace Turya
CBME Years 3 - 5 Administrator
+44 (0)161 275 1855