Year 4 - GP speciality block


Students:                 1 per tutor 4 days a week (Mon - Thur) for 4 weeks.


2019-20                   Block 1: Mon 19th Aug - Fri 13th Sep 2019

                                Block 2: Mon 16th Sep - Fri 11th Oct 2019

                                Block 3: Mon 14th Oct -  Fri 8th Nov 2019

                                Block 4: Mon 11th Nov - Fri 6th Dec 2019

                                Block 5: Mon 6th Jan - Fri 31st Jan 2020

                                Block 6: Mon 3rd Feb - Fri 28th Feb 2020

                                Block 7: Mon 2nd Mar - Fri 27th Mar 2020

                                Block 8: Mon 30th Mar - Fri 1st May 2020


Payment:                £2201.60 per student*

(*2019-20 rate subject to confirmation from HEE)


Year 4 consists of 8 x 4 week blocks running from Aug - Apr followed by a 4 week QEPEP block and then a 6 week Elective. Students will spend 1 of the 8 blocks in a GP placement.

Students are required to spend four days in General Practice (Monday to Thursday), with Friday morning for structured teaching (delivered at a base location) and Friday afternoon for completing their online cases. 


Experiential learning at the practice

6 GP surgeries per week

 Minimum 1 patient per GP surgery (30minutes) with tutor (student hot seating)

 Remaining surgery time should have 2 protected slots to enable active learning. E.g. hot seating

2 community clinical sessions per week

 Time with practice nurse/allied community healthcare professionals


Students will have an electronic log book in which they have activities that need to be signed off by you, or colleagues at your practice.


The latest training update video and Year 4 GP Clinical Placement Supervisor booklet (for existing tutors) is available via 1MedLearn.

From the Staff homepage follow: Clinical Placement Supervisors > Y4: Clinical Supervisor and Tutor Resources > Year 4 GP Placement Guidance for GPs 

You will find the booklet at the bottom of that page.


Student quotes:
"Couldn't have asked for a better placement - GPs all willing to have me in with them, let me see patients, observe me seeing patients and give quality feedback. Great teaching from GPs and protected tutorial time weekly. Nurses and midwife happy to teach. Opportunity to achieve skills assessments. Administrative staff friendly and helpful, really welcomed me into the team. M. (practice manager) amazing - so accommodating, organised me a timetable and generally helpful and friendly."

"This placement was incredible, by far the best one yet. It has made me want to be a GP.    My supervisor, Dr R, could not have been better. He was very welcoming from the start and trusted me 100%. He challenged me, but not to the point where I felt uncomfortable. He was always there for support and I felt like part of the team....He taught me so much and didn't make me feel stupid if I didn't know anything or asked any questions."

"The supervisor had a significant positive impact on my learning, she always asked me to reflect on how I perform and took the time to give me sufficient feedback that was very constructive.  The whole surgery team was incredibly friendly and approachable and always offered good support"


For any additional help and advice please contact:

Grace Turya
CBME Years 3 - 5 Administrator
+44 (0)161 275 1855