Student Selected Clinical/Career Placements (SSCP)

Year 3 - Student Selected Clinical Placement

Students:           1 student per supervisor for a 4 week period


2019-20            Mon 15th Jun - Fri 10th Jul 2020

Payment:          £2176 per student*


Year 5 - Student Selected Career Placement

Students:           1 student per supervisor for a 4 week period


2019-20              Block 5: Mon 3rd Feb - Fri 28th Feb 2020

                           Block 6: Mon 2nd Mar - Fri 28th Mar 2020

                           Block 7: Mon 30th Mar - Fri 24th Apr 2020

                           Block 8: Mon 27th Apr - Fri 22 May 2020

Payment:            £2176 per student*

(*2019-20 rate subject to confirmation from HEE)


Year 3 SSCP: Our evaluation confirms that this is an extremely popular placement with our students. They will be running for the third time this year.

Year 5 SSCP: From 2018-19 SSCPs are being introduced as an option for Year 5 students to select in Semester 2.

For both year groups, students will select their particular placement from a list of offers from community and hospital based supervisors. Please note this means we cannot guarantee you will be allocated a student.


About the Student Selected Clinical/Career Placement?

SSCPs are an opportunity for students to immerse themselves into a field of their interest, with a view to informing future career choice. Students should aim to acquire indepth knowledge about that speciality, including non-clinical aspects. They will be expected to produce a 300 word (Year 3) or 500 word (Year 5) reflective report by the end of the placement.


Your role in delivering the SSCP module

Supervisors are expected to be present for >80% of the placement, and nominate a suitable deputy if absent. They will have formal reviews with the student at the start and end of the placement, which will be recorded on the student’s Ipad.

Supervisors should discuss learning objectives and create a timetable to help achieve these at the initial meeting. They will also be expected to sign off the student at the end of the placement, taking into account their attendance, work habits, and reflective report. Supervision will be one student per supervisor and students will be expected to attend every day for that 4 week block.


How do I sign up?

If you are interested in offering SSCPs in the future, please contact our Years 3-5 Adminstrator. (Contact details below.)


Student quotes:

"Brilliant variety of experiences timetabled"

"...everything I needed to complete or were interested in was completed and the staff was lovely and helped me understand many different aspects of GP placements."

"I have really enjoyed my SSCP and it has confirmed my career choice of becoming a GP. I have learnt more about the progression to becoming a partner, and the other opportunities that are possible through this pathway."

For more information please contact:

Grace Turya
CBME Years 3-5 Administrator
+44 (0)161 275 1855


Dr Tal Wasty
CBME Lead for SSCPs
+44 (0)161 306 1932