Quality and Evidence Personal Excellence Pathway - QEPEP

Year 4

Students:            Student has a minimum of 2 clinical sessions per week (on average)


2018-19               Mon 13th May - Fri 7th Jun 2019

2019-20               Mon 11th May - Fri 5th Jun 2020

Payment:             £1088 per student*


Year 5

From 2018-19 QE PEPs were introduced for Year 5 students in Semester 2.

Students:             Student has a minimum of 3 days / week in practice


2019-20               Block 5: Mon 3rd Feb - Fri 28th Feb 2020

                            Block 6: Mon 2nd Mar - Fri 28th Mar 2020

                            Block 7: Mon 30th Mar - Fri 24th Apr 2020

                            Block 8: Mon 27th Apr - Fri 22 May 2020


Payment:             £1088 per student*

(*2019-20 rate subject to confirmation from HEE)


N.B. Students in both years will select their particular placement from a list of offers from community and hospital based tutors, therefore we cannot guarantee that your offer will be selected.


About QEPEPs

QEPEPs are flexible, student selected modules. They allow the student to follow a single subject or multiple themes, which reflect and complement their career development and interests. They cover a wide range of topics and allow students to develop their knowledge in topics within the MB ChB programme (e.g. Cardiololgy, Paediatrics), or pursue subjects allied to the programme (e.g. Sports or Forensic medicine).

QEPEPs are underpinned by guidance from the GMC's Outcomes for Graduates (July 2015) themes of "Doctor as a Scientist and Scholar" and "Doctor as a professional".

They were introduced in 2013-14 in order to give students first-hand experience of Quality Improvement projects in a healthcare setting.

They inform the student experience and develop their skills in the following areas:

  • Quality improvement in a healthcare setting
  • Critical analysis
  • Patient facing communication

Your role in delivering the QEPEP module

Our QEPEP supervisors are healthcare professionals with experience and enthusiasm for teaching.

Students undergo assessment by the QEPEP supervisor in the following:

  • Summative assessment of one document per QEPEP module - either a Lay document and accompanying work report  or a QEPEP report. (If the student completes a Lay document in the first QEPEP module then they will complete a written report in the second module and vice versa.)

  • Formative assessment of attendance, performance and engagement

Online QEPEP training is now available (for existing tutors) via 1Med Learn. From the Staff homepage follow: Personal Excellence Pathway (PEP) Supervisors > Y4 & 5:QEPEP Supevisors (there is a "Training" section with links on this page).


Student quotes:

Very thorough introductions, had a lot of exposure to real NHS QI projects, and felt welcome and at home at the practice."

"Excellent support from my GP supervisor and from all practice staff. Opportunity to present my work in the last week. Topic was very useful and relevant."

"I found this placement really good, Drs were so helpful and happy to help us meet our learning objectives with relation to the project as well as supporting us so much with plenty of clinical exposure...
All staff including reception staff were so welcoming and friendly. Practice Manager ... was amazing with supporting me practically through the data collection."

"My supervisor ... was very helpful, always gave me his time, held meetings with a smile, and encouraged me... He was available every week to meet and gave me timely feedback."

"I was given many opportunities in taking histories and examining patients and finally in working on the emis system. I learned a lot about the value of quality improvement projects especially in primary care and why they can be useful in practice. I was also supported by the staff during this block which was very helpful and encouraging."


For more information please contact:

Grace Turya
CBME Years 3 - 5 Administrator
+44 (0)161 275 1855