Early Clinical Experience (ECE)


Years 1 & 2

Students:           1 pair of students for each visit. (You choose the days that that the students come to your practice.)

2019-20              Visits 1,2 and 4 are scheduled to take place in Semester 1 between Mon 30th Sept & Fri 13th Dec 2019

                           Visits 3,5 and 6 are scheduled to take place between Mon 27th Jan & Fri 8th May 2020

Payment:           £120 per pair of students per 3 hour visit*

(*2019-20 rate subject to confirmation from HEE.)


ECE visits provide students with opportunities to meet patients and staff in hospital, GP and community settings.  These activities are supported throughout Years 1 and 2 by communication skills training and assessment. They have been developed to integrate with the semester themes and PBL cases and form the basis of a number of supported portfolio sessions in Years 1 and 2.

Students go on 3 GP visits in Year 1 and in Year 2. Most placements are in GP practices but some are in community settings for example intermediate care team or falls team to give the students experience in seeing other ways patients with chronic illness are supported.

These visits are a fantastic opportunity to show students real life outside the simulated environments they learn in. Some students will not have considered a career in General Practice and meeting enthusiastic role models so early in their student journey can make a real impact on their ideas about their future speciality choice.  

Tutors enjoy having ECE students in their practices. These visits being 3 hours only, particularly suit tutors unable to have students for longer placements. You can sign up for as many or as few as you want.

N.B. ECE GP tutor guides and the Quality & Standards document are now available via 1MedLearn.

(From the Staff homepage follow: Clinical Placement Supervisors > Y1 & 2: Clinical Supervisor & tutor resources > Visit Guides and Student Support)


Year 1:

GP Visit 1: Introduction to General Practice

GP Visit 2: The Patient Agenda

GP Visit 3: Chronic Disease Management in the Community

Year 2:

GP Visit 4: The Home Visit

GP Visit 5: The Medical Interview

GP Visit 6: The Whole Consultation


The themes of ECE and associated aims are:

Experiential learning

  • To provide students with authentic human contact, mainly in clinical contexts, that enhances learning of health, illness or disease.

Delivery of health care

  • To provide opportunities to observe the realities of the delivery of health care in primary and secondary health care settings.
  • To provide opportunities to meet health professional and understand their roles.

Professional development

  • To provide an introduction to medical student role, and opportunities to display expected standards of behaviour and a non-judgmental approach to people.

Communication skills

  • To develop generic skills for effective communication
  • To develop communication skills for medical interviewing, and use of the Calgary Cambridge framework.


  • To introduce students to cultural diversity and inter-cultural issues.

Ethics in practice

  • To introduce students to ethical and legal aspects of health care.


We discuss ECE in our PRIME GP training sessions and there is also a specific PRIME Advanced session on ECE. We are happy to answer any queries you have.


For any additional help and/or advice please contact:

Jade Engelbrecht
CBME Year 1 & 2 Administrator
+44 (0)161 275 1847


Dr Shehleen Khan
Academic Lead for ECE GP Visits
+44 (0)161 306 1932