Clinical Debrief

Clinical Debrief sessions in Year 3 are small groups sessions of 4-10 medical students facilitated by experienced GP tutors. The same GP tutor will have responsibility for a group for 12 consecutive weeks in each semester. They are friendly, non-threatening teaching experiences which promote sharing of experiences.

At their core is the practice of history taking and presentation skills away from the hustle and bustle of the ward. This expands into clinical reasoning, the thought processes behind formulating differential diagnoses and choices for investigation and further management, with a view to improved clinical confidence and patient safety.

The sessions allow students to practise weighing up clinical decisions they may need to make in complex real life scenarios; to imagine standing in the shoes of their practicing seniors. Tutors get to know their group and tailor their teaching sessions to the students’ needs by way of learning outcomes generated by the students themselves. It is a very free space where students can ‘offload’ by debriefing the week that they have experienced.

Areas for discussion in preparation for clinical practice include:

  • Clinical reasoning 

  • Practising skills - including prescribing, OSCE and SJT practice

  • Longitudinal care

  • Patient centred care

  • Primary care

  • Holistic care

  • Healthy people

  • Personal and Professional Identity

  • Ethical scenarios

and many more! 

Groups use thought-provoking pieces from newspapers, videos, real-life examples, group discussion and debate around broad-based themes. The tutor and their group decide what they want to get out of the sessions. Feedback scores from students are always very high especially when their tutors are enthusiastic, experienced GPs. We are sometimes looking for new tutors that fit this brief.

If you are interested in becoming a Clinical Debrief tutor and would like more information please contact:

CD Administrator
Asad Zaman
+44 (0)161 275 1849


Academic lead for Clinical Debrief:
Dr Lisa Collins - Clinical Lecturer (Teaching)
+44 (0)161 275 1873


Deputy Lead for Clinical Debrief
Dr Susan Harris - Clinical Lecturer (Teaching)
+44 (0)161 275 1451