Applied Personal Excellence Pathway (APEP)

Year 3

Students:                   A maximum of 2 students per tutor needing a minimum of 1hr contact time per week


2019-20                     Mon 30th Mar - Fri 5th Jun 2020

Payment:                   £1500 per student*

(*2019-20 rate subject to confirmation from HEE)


These are extended student selected components running for ten weeks in Year 3. 

The are two options: Research or Non-research.

  • Research options are possible in both Primary Care and Medical Education research. Both are relatively 'young' research disciplines and there should be opportunities to join projects within Manchester.
  • Non-research options are usually a combination of critical appraisal and audit. Students in both should consolidate their ability to critically review literature and understand methodologies including basic statistical analysis where appropriate.

Experienced tutors are encouraged to supervise however funding is limited and forward planning essential - particularly for 'Research' where ethics approval must be gained in advance by the supervisor. 

Non-research supervision is a rewarding opportunity to learn more about an aspect of your practice that the QOF 'doesn't reach!' (Past audits have included: Quality of care of chronic hepatitis; Vitamin D deficiency; Reporting of adverse events; Use of interpreters). If you are planning innovations in your practice e.g. new clinics or services, we could even pilot a course that links students into teaching in business skills, needs assessment / project planning.

Your practice should offer an average of 1-2 hours contact time each week. You don't need to offer 'protected' teaching time in surgery, but students may well value some patient contact. You assess a report at the end. We can advise and can arrange for a second marking.

N.B. You cannot be on annual leave for week 1 (30/03/2020 - 03/04/2020) or weeks 8-10 (18/05/2020 - 05/06/2020) as these are weeks when the students will need the most contact and support from you.


Online training for Supervisors is available via 1MedLearn - from the Staff homepage follow:

Personal Excellence Pathway (PEP) Supervisors > Y3:APEP Supervisors > Year 3 APEP Supervisor training


If you think you could take a student or offer some suggestions on topics of potential interest please email:

Grace Turya
CBME Years 3 - 5 Administrator
+44 (0)161 275 1855


Dr Isobel Heyworth
CBME lead for APEPs
+44 (0)161 306 1932